We are proud to officially launch our all new exciting El Nido Inland Tours. These day packages will be taking you to unique and secluded locations around the El Nido Province where you will trek, climb, explore caves, visit extraordinary natural wonders and pristine beaches. The perfect solution when Island Tours are cancelled because of bad weather! With our extensive knowledge and experience exploring these parts, we guarantee an experience like no other. Check out the different packages below, and join us for an adventure of a lifetime - all in a single day.

The tours in this page take place over a single day, leaving from El Nido Town in the morning and returning after dusk. In either of the tours you will be accompanied by a highly experienced guide from start to finish. A freshly prepared lunch and cold bottled water is also included. All prices include a private van transfer between locations. There is an option to rent motorbikes instead, whereby a discount may apply. Please specify in the booking form if you prefer this option.


Western Inland Tour


Begin the day with a short 15 minute trek through rice fields to a remarkable white sand beach about 40 minutes North of El Nido Town. There you will find surf boards available for rent and a secluded bar to enjoy a cold drink.

From here we will move on to our one and only Paintball site, where a fresh buffet lunch will be prepared while you have a few rounds of Paintball!

After lunch you will be transferred to the well known 2km long Nacpan beach where you can again enjoy white sand and slightly calmer waters for swimming. A brief 5 minute walk from there up a small hill will give you a breathtaking view of the entire beach.

To finish the day, you will embark on a 45 minute trek up the the steep slopes of Mt. Mansilawit to arrive at a panoramic view of the entire bay and inland region where you will watch the Sun set behind the El Nido Archipelago.


1-2 People: 7,500 php
3-4 People: 2,500 php per person
5+ People: 1,500 php per person



Adventurer's Inland Tour

The first stop in our Adventurer's Inland Tour is an archaeological site found within a cave where human remains dating back 14,000 years have been found. Clear fossilised markings scar the interior of this bat infested cave, which you will crawl your way through to an opening on the other side. From here you will continue to climb to the top of this small mountain where you will have an amazing panoramic view of the surrounding islands, mountains and agricultural land. An early lunch buffet will be prepared on site for when you exit the cave.

A short distance from the cave you will climb aboard a small local boat that will take you down a winding mangrove river, to a location where you will find thousands of snakes wrapped around the surrounding trees.

From here you will be brought to the start of a 1.5h trek through the rainforest to one the most majestic natural wonders in El Nido. An utterly pristine 70ft waterfall in the heart of the jungle and far from the beaten track will be the last stop of your adventure filled day tour. 

1-2 People: 8,500 php
3-4 People: 3,500 php per person
5+ People: 2,500 php per person



More coming soon...